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So here’s the part I hate…


I have to write about myself?! And attempt not to sound like a muppet? Here goes, I’m a full time photographer based in the peak district but photographing, well, everywhere.  I spend most of my time when I’m not shooting, at home with my cats drinking endless brews and eating all the biscuits. Or off travelling or partying at festivals. I’m a hopeless romantic so shooting weddings with loved up couples is just a dream job to me.

Me, with pink hair sitting on some logs

Here I am in all my pink haired glory, is there even a better backdrop out there than a log pile? (Ok maybe some mega graffiti or a pastel coloured wall).

My approach to your day is laid back and non-traditional. I don’t want to overly pose you or make you fake moments. I’m there to photograph your day as it happens. I want to capture the genuine connection you both share and some epic candids of all your loved ones. I don’t wanna just be another supplier, I want to really be involved in your day. Whether thats giving you advice in the lead up to it, or holding your veil while we find an awesome backdrop for your pictures. If this is what your looking for then let’s chat!





















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